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Magic card in mobile

Sviluppatore pikapp
3.66 usd

IT COSTS LESS THAN A DECK!** Please dont buy if you aren't magician **
Make the following tricks
- Transpositions, adivinations, disappearances ... only your imagination sets the limits ...
- Some options may require the mobile sensors (proximity, light ..)- No need to touch the screen- To reduce costs, only provides the tool to develop your own tricks and it's necessary to know the basic techniques that are not explained- Minimum level of magic knowledge required: Intermediate- Instant Reset
Attention! widgets are invisible, and some phones may appear to not add them, be careful to add only once. Add only one, find it and place it where you like.
Please don't buy unless you know some of the techniques used in commercial video!
Special Thanks
- Magician from Talavera de la Reina (Spain)